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Thanks to a robust platform, Arcadians can move between supported games with ease, gaining experience with every victory. Learn how to make the most of your avatar below!

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Every Arcadian is born with the skills and strength to face untold dangers — and in Arcadia, every day brings new challenges to overcome. Complete quests to earn experience and develop your Arcadian, and discover the secrets of our world through an evolving multi-game narrative!

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take part in tournaments

In Arcadia, the spirit of competition is alive and well, and tournaments offer the perfect chance to prove your gaming prowess to the community and earn serious rewards. Players can even create their own tournaments and challenge friends to a spot on the leaderboard!

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customize and upgrade

Arcadians begin life as unique avatars, forged from the trials of the mint game — and things only get better from here. Arcadians are dynamic, and every new piece of gear signals another step along your heroic journey. Major character milestones can be permanently stored, immortalizing achievements on the blockchain.

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Arcadia was once the crossroads of the universe, a place where beings of vastly different origins could live, cooperate, and compete. As those ancient gateways reopen, Arcadians are ready to extend that same welcome to Web3 communities as Guilds on Arcadia.

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Though the first True Arcadians ascended centuries ago, the prospect of reopening Arcadia's dormant gateways still captivates the Arcadian heart. Now that your arrival is at hand, make no mistake — you and your kind will walk between worlds!

Think of Arcadians as persistent avatars that represent you throughout our universe.

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